Research on the evaluation of the physical quality of adolescents with intuitionistic fuzzy information

Author(s): Zhang Jianye,Wang Yanjun

Several years’ monitoring showed a consistent drop of adolescents’ physical activity in China, which brings widespread social concern. If we don’t do anything about it, there will not enough talents and arms in the future,which inevitably affect Chinese’s boomand strong. Especially recent ten years, after some policy for intervention, but it didn’t work very obviously. Therefore, studying the factors and putting forward the corresponding countermeasures have important theoretical and practical significance.. In this paper, we utilize the intuitionistic fuzzy Einstein weighted average (IFEWA) operator for evaluating the physical quality of adolescents to aggregate the intuitionistic fuzzy information corresponding to each alternative and get the overall value of the alternatives, then rank the alternatives and select the most desirable one (s) according to the score function and accuracy function of the overall value of the alternatives. Finally, an illustrative example is given

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