Evaluation on the network of the national innovation systems in china from the perspective of knowledge network

Author(s): Liu Jian-hua, Jiang Zhao-hua, Li Jia

Scholars have successively studied the national innovation system from the perspective of system, perspective of knowledge flows and triple helixAngle and so on. This paper decomposes national innovation system into three networks fromthe perspective of knowledge network: scientific research network, technology development network and technology diffusion network, and evaluates the index system of national innovation systems networked based on the three secondary index of the network. This paper also puts forward the concept andmeasuringmethod of network group tightness and diversity, and evaluates the level of the network of China’s national innovation system using principal component analysis. The evaluation results show that for more than 10 years the relation between the main behavioral bodies of the national innovation system has been getting closer, and the level of specialized division of labor and collaboration in innovation has been getting higher.At the same time, the low weight of papers of industry-university-institute cooperation and patent cooperation intensity tends to decline in recent years.

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