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Diffusion is that the process wherein the molecules merge as a results of their K.E. of random motion. It occurs in liquids and gases because their molecules move randomly. The molecules move from a neighbourhood of upper concentration to a neighbourhood of lower concentration, down the concentration gradient, until the concentration equalizes throughout the medium. Types of Diffusion: Since distribution occurs during a sort of conditions, diffusion is often classified into two major types: Simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion. However, there are more sorts of diffusion which are relevant in other disciplines of sciences like atomic diffusion, Knudsen diffusion, kinesis, etc. Simple diffusion: A process during which the substance moves through a membrane with none help from transport proteins. For instance, bacteria deliver small nutrients, water, and oxygen into the cytoplasm through simple diffusion. Facilitated diffusion: Facilitated diffusion may be a passive movement of molecules across the cell wall from the region of upper concentration to the region of lower concentration by means of a carrier molecule.

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