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Application of magnesium phosphate cement affixed carbon fiber sheet to strengthen reinforced concrete beam and slab

Author(s): Zhang Linchun, Zhang Ailian

The organic glue currently used to affix the carbon fiber sheet to strengthen the reinforced concrete has a very low softening point. Therefore, a new type of non-organic glue magnesium phosphate has been developed to replace the epoxylite organic glue to be used for strengthening of concrete beam and slab using the carbon fiber sheet. This paper introduced the types of non-organic glues and carried out double shear tests on the carbon fiber sheet affixed onto the surface of the concrete surface using the magnesium phosphate. It was proved that the high resistance of magnesium phosphate cement to high temperatures could meet the engineering demand. Through double shear test on concrete tests blocks affixed with carbon fiber sheet and the variation of compressive strength of the new type of non-organic glue in various temperatures will both be described to demonstrate that the application of new-type non-organic glue to affix the carbon fiber sheet to strengthen concrete beam is effective. Practice has also proved that the resistance to high temperature of the new-type inorganic magnesium phosphate cement is satisfactory and the frame structure which has been strengthened using carbon fiber sheet affixed onto the structure using new-type of inorganic magnesium phosphate cement has remarkably improved bearing capacity and resistance to high temperature

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