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Integrative Therapy New Findings Scholarly Peer-review Journal

The Integrative Therapies Program has conducted a variety of studies to evaluate the effectiveness of some complementary modalities, such as the use of milk thistle (a non-toxic herb) to assist healing liver toxicity associated with chemotherapy, the function of antioxidants in conjunction with chemotherapy and the efficacy of aromatherapy in relieving anxiety and nausea in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation. Academic peer review is the method of subjecting the scholarly work, thesis, or ideas of an author to the examination of those who are experts in the same field before a paper is published in a journal discussing this work. Work can be approved, considered suitable with revisions or dismissed. By promoting excellence in research and practice in the field, and cross-collaboration between related professional groups and organizations, the journal seeks to advance IM practice, identify areas for future research, and enhance outcomes for patient safety.

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