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 Various likely focuses for the improvement of new therapeutics to treat human ailment are currently promptly given by genomics and proteomics. Proteins are the fundamental focuses for medication or antibody revelation and among them proteases establish one of the principle classes. Proteases turned out to be monetarily significant medication focuses upon the acknowledgment that, other than their essential capacity in the hydrolysis of peptide bonds, they were critical flagging atoms engaged with various imperative procedures. As indicated by bioinformatics examination of the human genome, 566 proteases had been recognized up until now. Of these, 273 have been found in extracellular compartments or in the lumen of secretory compartments, 277 in intracellular compartments, and 16 in the cell film at the surface. The focal point of this survey will be on extracellular proteases (ECP), a mind boggling and heterogenous group of chemicals.

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