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WSB-TPMS applications in the automotive tire pressure tests

Author(s): Huagang Liu, Ruican Hao

Indirect tire pressure monitoring system (WSB-TPMS) is an effective tool to measure and display the conduct of automobile tire pressure by monitoring and comparing the performance of automobile tires speed. It is not only timely and accurately delivery of tires for users pressure of real-time information to ensure driving comfort, but also abnormal tire pressure alarm, thereby alerting the user to exclude risks, to ensure driving safety. In this study, the principles of tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) as well as WSB-TPMS systems are described. In particular, related to the calculation method for tire pressure and work steps of WSB-TPMS system information for a more systematic analysis. Next, the WSB-TPMS system application performance in the automotive tire pressure tests were discussed from the temperature testing, pressure testing and power consumption test, etc.. WSB-TPMS system with accuracy, reliability and stability in these areas, the system can be widely used for automobile tire pressure testing. Research around the car to test the tire pressure unfolds, demonstrated the monitoring function WSB-TPMS system, and thus have a strong practical significance.

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