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Variation in effective composition contents of E.davidii

Author(s): Zeng-Li Fan, Qiu-Mei Quan, Yun-Xiang Li, San-Gen Wang

The effective composition content of E.davidii were determined in four habitats by High- Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and utraviolet-visible (UV), and the different of morpholofical parameters and effective content were analyed by one-way ANOVA statistical analysis. The results showed that both the flavonoid anicariin contents in intensive light were richer than the wide in faint light. So increased light intensity in cultivated E. davidii can promote effective components improvement. According to the standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the icariin content of root and stem in E. davidii in the wild can not meet the standard of icariin content, but the leaf in habitat 3 can meet the standard of icariin content. In flavonoid content of icariin content, the leaf only can reach the standard of flavonoid content. So, the flavonoid content of E. davidii could alternate for the five genuine species to medicine.

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