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Time regulation researches on degrading reactive dyes by immobilized white rot fungi under nonsterile RESEcondition

Author(s): Yonggang Zeng, Dawen Gao, Hong Liang

The effects and mechanisms on the decolorization of reactive dyes K-2BP at the different dye-added time were investigated in this study under non-sterile conditions. The results showed that based on the optimal bacteriostasis incubation strategy for immobilization, the decolorization efficiency achieved 94.69% and 93.65% with 2 and 3 days cultivation after adding dye. The cultivation and degradation cycle were shortened from the original 10 days to 4-5 days. However the maximum decolorization efficiency was only 57.56% in the 5th day dye-added system. The lower decolorization efficiency was due to the peak of enzyme production was missed by adding dye after 5 days cultivation, instead of the disturbance of other bacterias. Therefore, the optimal bacteriostasis incubation strategy for immobilization under non-sterile conditions could successfully restrain the growth of other bacterias. Furthermore accompanied with the appropriate dye-added time, the degradation cycle on the reactive dyes can be shortened.

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