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The study on the impact of basketball technical and tactical training based on the inverse eigenvalue problems for jacob matrix

Author(s): Dingyu Tang, Yunhong Wu

A high level basketball teamis closely connectedlywith basketball players training. Basketball training is complex, including basic skills, physical fitness, coordination, practice. It is an effective way to find out the specific contribution for each training factor for the purpose of improving the level of athletes so as, to carry out targeted training. For this, combining the Jacobimatrix inverse eigenvalue problem, this paper conducts the research on the basketball training factors. Firstly, the inverse eigenvalue problems for Jacobi matrix are introduced and improved. Then, the Jacobi matrix inverse eigenvalue problems are applied to the specific problems of basketball training, and basketball training factors into matrix form are analyzed, fromwhich the contribution can be turned out on howthe training of various factors influence on improving the level of athletes. This way also will make contributions to promote the basketball level in china.

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Table of Contents

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