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The research on the relationship between the fact dimension and the value dimension of Marx's philosophy

Author(s): Tingting Hu

As a pioneer in the field of philosophy, Marxist philosophy involves all aspects of social history. Its theory roots in history, and also attributed to history, it is a classic in the field philosophy. Based on the progressive transformation of structure, this paper researched the facts on the basis of the relationship between the fact dimension and value dimension, and respectively expounds its theoretical premise and initially identified it’s logical relationships and conduct in-depth analysis. First of all, it pointed out that the basic concept of people's dual attributes, then take it, as a prerequisite for further analysis of the two theories of Hegel and Marx philosophy. To put forward the fact that the development dimension and value dimension is on innovation as time goes on. Practice and realize Communism historical law is both the essence of is both Marx's philosophy and the carrier of the logical relationship between the fact and value dimension. The relationship between the fact and value dimension change from the initial single unified in time into a unified three-dimensional space. It ultimately achieved the unification and the integration in the process of historical development step by step.

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