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The research for the historical and cultural environment protection system based on the concept of "Mountain -Water-City"

Author(s): Qiong Sun*, Meiyu Shi

With the rapid advance of urbanization construction process and the rapid expansion of urban areas in China, cultural heritage has suffered a huge impact; its history characteristic has been gradually disappeared. This paper returns to the construction idea of Chinese traditional city, extracts and purifies the structure features of integrating "mountain-water -city" into unity, and interprets this characteristic from three perspective including culture, function and aesthetic, constructs the interpretation framework for the idea of "mountain - water - city". On this basis, this paper puts forward the development ideas of the historical and cultural environment protection system based on the idea of spatial unit about the multi-scale "mountain- water - city". Finally through performing analysis and interpretation for the idea of "mountain-water-city" in the process of planning and designing CBD (central business district) in Dexing, it expects to provide reference and direction for the current status of urban construction, as well as the historical and cultural environment protection in our country, finally this historical ideal of inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture in the process of pushing forward economic development will come true.

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