The relative research of information technology construction and core competence formation in Chinese star hotels

Author(s): Zhang Tongjian, Hu Yahui, Li Mingxing, Zeng Xin, Jiang Kai

Abstract: In order to research information technology and organizational learning in China’s star hotels, structural equation model (SEM) is used in this paper. Bymodel design, data collection, reliability and validity testing, and model validation, SEMcan effectively reveal the correlation between knowledge conversion and the formation of core competence. For illustration, 234 questionnaires are sent to star hotels, and 161 valid questionnaires are returned, the ratio of numbers of samples to numbers of observed indicators is about 8:1, which meets the basic requirements for structural equation verification. The minimum value of Cronbach á coefficient is 0.8818, and the survey results have higher reliability. The empirical research has revealed that information technology construction of China’s hotel industry has a significant role in promoting the services capacity, management capacity of star hotels, but it has no significant effect on market capacity. The research conclusions provide a realistic theory reference to enhance the information technology construction level, which can optimize the organizational learning ability, and improve organizational performance and competitive advantage.

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