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The optimal direct yaw-moment control of the fourwheel steering tractor-semitrailer

Author(s): Liu Chun-Hui, Guan Zhi–Wei, Shen Rong-Wei, Yan Ying

Considering the Gim tire model, the nonlinear four-wheel steering tractor-semitrailer dynamic model was set up to analyse the lateral stability of the tractor-semitrailer. An optimal direct yaw-moment controller of the four-wheel steering tractor-semitrailer was developed based on model following technique and the optimal control theory. Simulation on the nonlinear four-wheel steering tractor-semitrailer dynamic model in Matlab/Simulink software environment was described. The Simulation results show that the four-wheel steering direct yaw-moment control tractor-semitrailer have the most appropriate handling stability compared with the front wheel steering tractor-semitrailer, the front wheel steering direct yaw-moment control tractor-semitrailer, and the four-wheel steering tractor-semitrailer.

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