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The Java virtual machine in a thread migration of distributed application

Author(s): Guanghui Zhu

With the rapid development of Internet, the role of the Java virtual machine technology is also becoming increasingly important. First of all, the Java virtual machine for the underlying implementation of cross-platform, for the implementation of the underlying heterogeneous system shielding the details of the infrastructure. Second, the implementation of the Java virtual machine can according to the different application scenarios and the underlying infrastructure do different optimization, and transparent to upper layers at the same time, to achieve the same code compile once, in a different environment to realize the execution efficiency of the optimization. In addition, the Java virtual machine to provide automatic memory management, garbage collection mechanism and characteristics of dynamic link completely, can effectively reduce the complexity of the design and implementation of the large system. The Java virtual machine because of its many excellent properties, are out of pure Java language execution environment, the role of general platform as the next generation. Based on migration of thread are studied in this paper to realize distributed Java virtual machine, on the basis of theoretical issues, the design and implementation of a typical representative system are analyzed, put forward in the Java virtual machine level to realize distributed computing framework based on the migration of threads, realized the distributed prototype single Java virtual machine, and to actually use performance test and evaluation, main work includes: the thread of distributed Java virtual machine migration mechanism; Task migration when the load balancing strategy; Across nodes of transparent access to distributed Java heap; Java thread synchronization mechanism under distributed environment; Under the distributed environment of automatic memory management and garbage collection; Single Java performance test and evaluation.

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