The influence of the jiangtang fanglong prescriptions to nitric oxide synthase mrna expression of the diabetic animal model of deaf

Author(s): Fengxue Guo, Xueyu Ma, Jinjie Hou, Bin Li, En Li, Ruiyu Li

Objective : To investigate the effect on Jiangtang Fanglong prescriptions to the diabetic animal model of deaf mRNA expression of nitric oxide. Methods: To select 49 from 60 Wistars, randomly and then divide them into three groups through the modeling way of immdiate diabetic deaf Wistars induced by Streptozotocin (STZ). Group A has 13 Wistars with aminoguanidine, group B has 13 ones with Jiangtang Fanglong prescriptions and Group C has 13 ones with pathology. Wistars in group A are fed with dilute solution reconstituted to a concentration of 3% of the aminoguanidine.Wistars in Group B are fed with JiangtangFanglong Suspension. The remaining 11Wistars is the control group. The 11Wistars in control group and 13 ones in Group C can drink water free.All the four groups eat a regular diet of chowfor 12 weeks under the roomtemperature from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. In sixth week and twelveth week, test the blood sugar, urine sugar and weight. After twelve weeks, observe the bone tissue and xun OsmRNA expression changes by testing the bonemineral density of femur and tibia with dual-energy X-rayabsorptionmetry, using histological grade a reverse transcription PCR techniques. Result: The bone mineral density in group C is significantly reduced. Degenerative changes occur in the osseous tissue. The expression of bone iNOsmRNA is increasing. Density in group B was obviously higher, significantly improving the bone histomorphology. the expression of bone iNOsmRNAwas decreased, which is similarly to Group A. Conclusion: The abnormal expression of iNOsmRNA in diabetic deafness will inhibit the expression of bone iNOsmRNA and may affect the kidney to advocate bone osteocalcin to insulin regulation. Therefore, speculating that hypoglycemic prevent deafness through kidney raising the function of “ kidney advocate bone “ can have effect on diabetes prevention and control of deafness. This speculation also provide an objective foundation for the scientific hypothesis of diabetes-kidneybone- ear integration theory.

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