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The heritage and development of aerobics culture in regular institutions of higher learning

Author(s): Yunyan Tian

Under the background of economic globalization, each kind of culture can flow to every corner of the world, it promoted the cultural exchange and sharing, among them the most obvious belongs to the subject of sports culture dissemination form, which spread rapidly, the aerobics is born under this scenario, therefore, the study of aerobics is of great significance in studying the development of the world today. Based on this thought, this paper analyzed the competitive aerobics course in common colleges and universities in Shanghai and we get the present situation of competitive aerobics sports culture in China and its influence on college students. In ordinary colleges and universities in Shanghai, although many colleges and universities opened aerobics movement of physical education, but the students did not get the attention of it, fewer people hope to practice aerobics and the number of people that willing to long-term practice of aerobics is not a lot too. Therefore, strengthening the aerobics course in colleges and universities helps to the rapid development in aerobics in colleges and universities, which will play a role on the development of undertakings of physical culture and sports, it has important historical significance.

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