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The evaluation research of the comprehensive strength of the five football clubs in Europe according to the analytic hierarchy proces

Author(s): Hong Sun, Weiquan Deng, Hao Cheng

This passage discusses the comprehensive strength of the five football clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayern, Chelsea. According to the problems to be solved, with the method of mathematical modeling and evaluation research, this passage calculates with Matlab after it gets the weight. Due to many factors which influence the football team, this passage just analyzes with the times that the team won the competitions, the history of the team, the social status of the football player. There may be some random errors based on the data, so that the result is not in a long residual action. Then this passage adds a relvar about the factors that influence the comprehensive strength of the football team to the time, which makes it in a long residual action. In the end, we come to the conclusion that the Barcelona football team has the strongest comprehensive strength, and then is Real Madrid; after that is Bayern Munich, then the Inter Milan, at last the Chelsea.

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