The best weight loss effect study based on stride frequency and energy consumption - taking obese youth as study object

Author(s): Ying Jiang, Quanxin Fang

Alongwith social progress and the development of science and technology, people’smaterial life has been greatly improved, so there appears a growing number of obese youth; the incidence of this group is higher, the impact on families and community is larger, and thus many experts put forward their own views for weight loss exercise. Through the study on the relationship between the walking and running sport - energy consumption - fat reduction, this paper proposes a weight loss strategy by prolonged low-intensity exercise froma optimalmathematical point of view; in order to study the relationship walking and running and energy, the paper first studies the relationship between the heart rate and the two respectively; in the study course it uses a non-equidistant Logistic model, and obtains reasonable results through themodel; in addition this paper also establishes the optimization model of fat consumption and in constraint condition of stride frequency in order to verify the reliability ofLogisticmodel;moreover, it establishes themechanismmodel of fat consumption, the results validate the error between the two is within 10%, obtains the optimal exercise strategy with exercise time 120 minutes and stride frequency 140l/min; in thismode the exercise can reach a theory effect of weeklyweight loss 49g; the experiment proves that the result is a safe range for weight loss, which provides a theoretical basis and methods for the weight loss exercise of majority of obese youth

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