The application of projectile damped motion in the research of basketball movement trajectory based on matlab numerical simulation

Author(s): Chao Han, Yuhao Zhang

In this paper, under the premise of basic assumptions, it uses Newton’s second law to establish two sub-direction differential equation models aiming at the force condition of basketball. In the study, by analyzing the nature of the differential equation and the relationship that kinetic parameters satisfy, it establishes four first order differential equations; then, explores the first-order differential equations method; finally, using Matlab software programming, realizes parameter equation trajectory simulation of basketball centroid analytical solutions and numerical simulation of four first-order differential equations.After the study, build differential equation model on the general projectile damped motion, and achieve the numerical simulation of differential equations and trajectory simulation of parameter equation. Moreover the application effect of the model algorithmand simulationmethods is better in the study of basketball centroid moving trajectory under initial assumptions, providing a theoretical basis for the study of projectile damped moving trajectory.

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