Tennis backhand dynamics analysis and the study of the factors of human body damage

Author(s): Changchen Guo

Along with the progress of The Times, is both beautiful and passionate tennis is more and more popular among the masses and favor, in order to reduce the probability of people were injured while trying to play tennis, tennis players backhand return in this paper, through research on the dynamics of the arm back to find the athletes the forearm and the speed of the shoulder joint, elbow and wrist joints. Tennis is obtained by analysis of moment of inertia of the momentum depends on wrist shot on the momentum of the backhand and got the tennis player in the back to back when pat arm of potential energy and kinetic energy, the athletes can increase the elbow by shoulder joint effective braking the momentum of the elbow will similarly to brake momentum transfer to the wrist, rise to increase the momentum of the tennis hits. So the forearm angular velocity should be greater than the angular velocity of the upper arm, it will be more conducive to the acceleration of elbow joint. And also can get tennis player in his backhand return to shoot with the player at the moment of stroke sudden braking of wrist joint and buffer time lead to smaller lesions in the wrist and elbow. Volkswagen group according to the parts in this paper, the corresponding protection.

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