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Taekwondo player's physical quality evaluation mode research based on fuzzy theory

Author(s): Changkuan Zhuang, Yuechun Chao, Guangzhi Huang

South Korea is the origin of Taekwondo, now the event has been organized among more than 100 countries, due to it can alternate hands with legs, refine internally and externally aswell as flexible and practical features, it is well received by many countries in the world, with taekwondo widely spreading in international, more and more scholars carry out research on taekwondo players’special physical quality. Just under previous influences, the paper applies fuzzy mathematical method to make research on taekwondo multiple training methods that decide their physical qualities, meanwhile it also establishes every kind of method corresponding parameters equations, finally, input fuzzymathematical quality evaluation model into concrete examples, so that it solves overall quality evaluation mode problems affected bymultiple factors

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