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Synthesis and Characterization of Grafted SH-Functionalized Tripodal Ti-POSS Complex in Gold Nanoparticles as a Selective Epoxidation Catalyst

Author(s): Emad Aish H, Waleed Boraie E and Abdelwahed Sayed R

Herein we described an easy and efficient method for preparation and grafting of SH-functionalized tripodal Ti-POSS complex in gold nanoparticles supported in SiO2 and obtained a hybrid material that possess two important features. The gold nanoparticles is of good particle size and capable of in situ generating H2O2 as the oxidant in propene epoxidation and SH-functionalized tripodal Ti-POSS catalyst possess an excellent epoxidation activity which will utilize the peroxide to form the propene oxide selectively. The hybrid catalyst showed very good PO selectivity up to 99%, and the conversion was good relative to Au/TiO2 catalyst. Also the catalyst was recycled four times with retained selectivity to PO and with same conversion.

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