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Survey and analysis about sports injuries of college weightlifting athletes

Author(s): Shuyan Wang

After surveying the sports injury and its causes even the injured parts of college weightlifting athletes in ordinary training, in this paper the author makes a statistical data and analyzes the results to realize the concrete condition about the injuries of weightlifting athletes and provide a theoretical basis for lessening the sports injuries and promoting the weightlifting performance. According to the randomized controlled principle, from all cities and regions of Shandong province, the author randomly selects 60 college weightlifting athletes who are surveyed by issuing questionnaires, and after analyzing the survey data reaches some conclusions from the result. In the ordinary training the incidence rate of sports injuries is 76.76%. The injuries results from the athlete’s physical condition or the external training environment, mostly occurred on the parts of wrist, shoulder, elbow, waist, hip and knee. The college weightlifting athletes are injured frequently and the weightlifting performance will be influenced based on different degree of injuries. Therefore, all colleges and universities should take effective precautions to solve the problem above.

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