Study on the treatment of dairy effluent using chlorella vulgaris and production of biofuel (Algal treatment of dairy effluent)

Author(s): C.Swetha,K.Sirisha,D.Swaminathan,V.Sivasubramanian

Effluents fromdairy industries are the major concerns currently across the globe. Utilizing the liquid and gaseous wastes as the feedstock to growthe microalgae in a sterile photo bioreactor to produce value added products like omega-3 fatty acid, bio ethanol and biodieselwill not onlyminimize the ill effects of these pollutants but also help to increase the revenue of the respective company and also for the respective countries. Since dairy industrial effluents have different composition of nutrients, selecting appropriate microalgae is very important in this process. Hence an initial screening study is important before scaling up the process to a pilot scale and then to the industrial scale. Products can be extracted and tested for purity in a series of standardized purification methods (extraction, distillation, HPLC etc.). Moreover, the extent of water pollution and air pollution because of the hazardous effluents and flue gases generated by these industries will also be minimized. In addition, value added end products like omega-3 fatty acid, bio ethanol and biodiesel could be produced. Omega-3 fatty acid, thus produced will save the preciousmarine life which is otherwise killed for the extraction of oil. Moreover, the byproducts are excellent sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels.

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