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Study on the influence of different dosage of fly ash on the physical mechanical properties and pore structure of foamed concrete

Author(s): Jianmin Yu, Xiangdong Liu

With the development of the society, the urbanization level improved unceasingly, the building floors are becoming higher and higher, the use of concrete is becoming more and more widely, and with the continuous improvement of living standards, the quality of concrete requirements are also rising. But in real life, buildings such as roads, bridges, houses and others often appear phenomenon that the concrete quality can not reach the standard, many concrete cracked within the service life, in order to deal with these problems, high performance concrete is being produced. In the 1980s, the fly ash was used as concrete activity material and improves the performance of concrete, from now on the research for adding fly ash into concrete has become a hot topic. China has a rich resource of fly ash, but the development and utilization of fly ash is very low. It not only takes up a large amount of storage area, but also brings bad influence to the environment. Fly ash can improve the physical mechanical properties of cement, the application of comprehensive exploitation and utilization of fly ash in concrete is the main direction of future development. And in the consideration of sustainable development, the use of fly ash can bring good economic benefits and social benefits for China. This study analyzes the physical chemical properties of fly ash and its utilization, and has the exploration on the influence of different dosage of fly ash on the physical mechanical properties and pore structure of foamed concrete. As for the pore structure, with the increasing amount of dosage of fly ash, porosity is becoming more and more even, the aperture is small increased. For the physical mechanical properties, when the dosage of fly ash is 20%, the compressive strength of foamed concrete achieves the best level.

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