Study on Keller’s mathematical model in the long-distance running and its application in the tactics and countermeasures

Author(s): Fengmei Gu, Jian Zhang

Mid-long Run is Middle and Long Distance Running for short, which is referred to middle distance running and long distance running, is an item of developing physical endurance project. It is required that athletes maintain certain running speed in the entire journey and try to reduce their consumption of physical strength. In terms of technology, athletes are required to run easily, be coordinated, balance body gravity, and have good rhythm. Complete technology of Mid-long Run includes starting running and its speeding-up running, medium-distance running and finish running etc. In this paper, the Keller elementary model is established according to the playerÂ’s body and physiological conditions. Based on the characteristics of Mid-long Run, full varied pace running tactics used bymost excellent athletes can be obtained through the analysis of excellent athletesÂ’competition tactics.However, the tactics is not the optimal strategy. Therefore, in this paper, the improved Mid-long Run tactical mathematic model is established by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages

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