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Study on examination center scheduling problem based on genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm

Author(s): Ze Tao, Qi Zhang, Ying Liang, Pengfei Zeng

A new hybrid flow shop scheduling problem is studied, which is abstracted from the physical examination centre. The problem is characterized by multi-stage unrelated parallel rooms and continuous examination. Firstly, the math model of this hybrid scheduling problem is constructed. And then the computation method of examination period is given. In order to keep examining continuously, the examination period is obtained through reversely pushing from the examination scheduling problem with multistage unrelated parallel rooms and examining interruption. Then the scheduling results are obtained based on genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm(GASA). Function objective of the proposed method was to minimize the examination period. Finally scheduling results based on two cases show that the method proposed in this paper is effective and feasible.

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