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Study on application of green building technologies to modern commercial buildings

Author(s): Yaoqian Sun, Yunlong Sun

Recently, with the rapid economic development of China, the building industry has also witnessed its golden age. Parameters of buildings have been important manifestation of a city’s civilization. They exert serious influence on citizens’ work and life, as well as on environment. The development of building industry is also indicative of a city’s cultural development and technological progress. Nonetheless, building industry consumes enormous social resources, which heavily constrains it from rapid development. Consequently, green architectural technologies which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly are put on the agenda at a historic moment. They are of great significance to sustainable development of economy and improvement of living environment in China. Besides, policies concerned with building industry have also been introduced by the government to raise the awareness of enterprises in energy conservation and environmental protection, for the purpose of balanced economic and environmental development. Currently, people demand for higher living conditions due to rapid economic development of China and their improving living standards. However, upsurge in energy consumption emerges at the same time. According to incomplete statistics, one third of global energy has been consumed by building industry. Traditional building industry has, so to speak, seriously influenced sustainable development of social economy and environment. This paper delves into the green building technologies at home and abroad. It’s found out that application of green technologies to modern commercial buildings is significant for sustainable development of social economy and environment.

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