Solution of the security of company intranet

Author(s): Yuli Cui, Lijun Huang

These years, with the rapid development of Internet and its wide application, the process of information has been accelerated. Due to the universal access to Internet technology and its deep development, the security of company Intranet has received more and more attention. This essay analyzes the potential security risks that the company Intranet may have (such as, vulnerable host machine or sensitive data which could be leaked) and proposes a series of effective solutions of the security of company Intranet. The main security strategies in the solutions include the control of access right, the encipherment protection for communication data, the security screening procedure, the virus defense method, and the oracle secure backup and management, which have been testified by evidence and examples. It is clear that these security measures can effectively protect the integration, security and controllability of Internet data, which can well solve the security problem of company Intranet. Finally, based on the security risk assessment of Dalian Ouke Internet Company, the essay offers a detailed design for its Intranet and solves its security problem completely, which effectively protects the company’s data, promotes its competence, reduces its cost on the security of company Intranet and highly increases its competitive ability in the industry.

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