Simulation of process innovation diffusion ratio based on WS small-world network model

Author(s): Wanhong Li, Xia Cao, Hailing He

Although research on technological diffusion has made many valuable contributions, the literatures still lack a theoretical method to simulate the characteristics of process innovation diffusion. Drawing from the diffusion probability, network scale, and network relationship strength, the paper studies how process innovation is diffused in the potential adopters based on the WS small-world network model. It can not only foster the broad application of process innovation but also help the innovators to get the process innovation benefits effectively. The simulation results indicate that the process innovation diffusion probability is proportional to diffusion ratio while inversely proportional to diffusion cycle firstly. Secondly, in a certain adoption period, the adopted ratio in different network scale will show volatility characteristics with the increasing of network scale. Thirdly, the relationship strength of the individuals in diffusion network has positive effects on adoption ratio, while negative effects on adoption speed and total adoption ratio.

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