Significance assessment of modern folk paintings applied to animation style design

Author(s): Zhonghua Jiang

With an extensive and profound culture and a long history of animation industry, China started late on animated movies, however, many of its characters in movies merged the Chinese painting skills and the ancient costume styles. The thesis, starting from the profiles of the modern folk paintings and the animation design, mainly deals with the origin and the historical background of modern folk paintings, analyzes the artistic techniques of the Chinese modern folk paintings and conducts a study on the modern paintings’ subjects and contents as well as the features of artistic expressions in various areas; the author of the thesis also analyses the factors of the appearance and action designs of the animated characters, makes a comparison of the artistic style of animation design between America and Japan. By comparing the applications of modern paintings in China’s animation design and with those in other parts of the world, the thesis mainly discusses the significance of the modern folk paintings’ application in animation design. According to the research, the modern folk paintings are important parts of Chinese fine arts. Currently, China’s animation industry is faced with great pressure from the outside world. Applying the modern folk painting to animation design is conducive to the continuous increase of the innovative ability of China’s animation industry, which will become the strong driving force for the development of China’s animation industry and contribute to the realization of China’s innovation and nationalization in animation design.

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