Screening, isolation and identification of bacterial isolates having potential for bioconversion of cephalosporin C

Author(s): Rajendrabhai D.Vasait, Arpana H.Jobanputra

The total worldwidemarket value for cephalosporin antibiotics ranks fifth among the leading therapeutic agents. Cephalosporin C is one of most important antibiotic produced by filamentous fungi such as Cephalopsorium acremonium. Cephalosporin C shows antibiotic activity against Gram-negative bacteria by hindering cell wall synthesis, but it is not the clinically active form. Thereby all clinically important semi synthetic derivatives of cephalosporin are manufactured from 7- aminocephalosporanic acid (7-ACA) which is an intermediate compound produced from cephalosporin C. The present investigation deals with the bioconversion of cephalosporin C using bacterial isolates obtained from various natural sources such as soil, waste water and hospital wastes. The bioconversion of cephalosporin was detected by thin layer chromatography and spectrophotometrically. Two bacterial isolates exhibiting bioconversion potential were isolated and identified as Pseudomonas and Achromobacter species.

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