Research on the methods of the reliability test of electrical automation control equipment based on its developing status in China.

Author(s): Yuhong Li, Gang Li

The modern electrical control equipment has been rapidly developing, showing intendancy into the direction of modular, intelligent and systematic. Electric automation equipment has been comprehensively applied into various industrial fields, and the reliability of electrical automatic control equipment has gradually become the focus of attention, leading to the great efforts on testing the reliability. China also has made detailed specifications for the electrical automation control equipment to provide more comprehensive evaluation content for its production process. Starting from the current situation of the development of the electrical automation control equipment, this paper analyzes the research significance and the research direction and elaborates the factors that may have adverse effects on the reliability. Then the current common reliability testing methods are expatiated, and three testing methods are puts forward and comprehensively analyzed to verify whether they can test the hidden danger and stability of electrical automation control equipment. Finally, the paper make an in-depth study of the measures to improve the reliability test to better eliminate the hidden danger and it is hoped that the research of this paper can provide a better theoretical basis and support for the engineering and technical personnel in the later process of practical application. And these testing methods are also being constantly analyzed and improved to promote the overall development of Chinese electrical automation control equipment.

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