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Research on the effective application of the foundation reinforcement technology in civil engineering

Author(s): Qian Yang

Since 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, the construction industry has been booming. The advanced science and technologies have been fully applied in the construction of civil engineering, so the civil engineering has become the foundation engineering of the national economic strength, playing an important role in the social development. The foundation reinforcement technology has attracted more and more attention for the reason that it can not only effectively increase the strength and bearing capacity of civil engineering, but also improve the defective characteristics of the natural foundation so that the improving strength and stability of the foundation can satisfy the construction requirements of civil engineering. After introducing the concept of civil engineering, this research explains the concept of the foundation reinforcement technology and introduces the development history and status of the foundation reinforcement technology. Then, this research gives a technical analysis of its application and innovation, so the research proposes and prospects its development trend, aiming to have a comprehensive understanding of the foundation reinforcement technology and provide powerful technical support for the construction of civil engineering. Next, this research analyzes the strategies and requirements under the construction of the foundation reinforcement and discusses the normal foundation reinforcement technologies and their range of use and requirements. In the end, this research analyzes the current development trend of the foundation reinforcement technology.

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