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Research on optimization mode of performance management for circulation enterprise based on information technology

Author(s): Haitao Qu, Xi Zhao

With the promotion and popularization of computer technology, every aspect of the society can not be separated from information technology. Circulation enterprise especially relies on information technology. In an era of economic globalization, EPR management system is one of the representatives in the operation and management of modern enterprise, and EPR environment provides a good platform for performance management of the enterprise. Balanced Score Card (hereinafter abbreviated as BSC is an important tool for performance management, which can perfectly meet the requirements of strategic management of the enterprise, which can also comprehensively evaluate the performance of strategic operation of the enterprise. ERP information management of the enterprise provides a good environment for the performance evaluation; cooperated with ERP, BSC can have a better performance evaluation effect, which provides more reliable guarantees for long-term development of the enterprise. Through the introduction to relevant theories concerning ERP and performance management, the specific implementation methods and processes for optimal performance management can be concluded, and education optimization mode of circulation enterprise can be accordingly obtained.

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