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Research on numerical model-based volleyball best spiking angle application in competition tactics

Author(s): Binghong Yan

Spiking is a power way to gain scores in volleyball competition, the paper establishes mathematical model for volleyball spiking, analyzes ball drop points after spiking volleyball in different orientations and angles in competitions, gets hitting angle range that drops into difficult defensive regions after volleyball being hit by players, in solving process ν size is also considered as fixed. For established mathematical model, use Lagrange differential equation extremum method to solve, due to compute sign computed results are very complex, formula is very long, we use Matlab simulation data, then use computer to solve, and solve the range of hit angle θ x, θ y. Make comprehensive comparison, it gets that ball optimal hitting direction is in cased optimal hitting angle in the range of θ x = [0°,41.34°], θ y = [71.82°, 80.10°], which can spike good shot to difficult defensive regions, from which θ x, θ y are respectively angles with x, y axis during hitting instant.

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