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Research on multi objective planning rental pricing mode of the public rental housing based on tripartite satisfaction

Author(s): Shan Xueqin, Teng Yue, Li Xiao, Chen Jiajia

Public rental housing is provided for urban low-income hierarchy and is an important part of affordable housing system. The third plenary session of the 18 “decision” points out that the systemof affordable housing allocation need be optimized and the construction of low-rent public housing and public rentalswill be graduallymerged. At this point, the importance of the public rental house has further increased. In 2013, China plans to start the construction of 6.3million suites of newaffordable housing, including 4.7 million suites to be completed basically.With the completion of the public rental housing project, Community for public rental project research is gradually moving from the construction phase to management. As an important part of the late-stage management, the reasonable of rent-setting determines the acceptability of tenants and the sustainability of subsequent funds of public rental housing. However, the standard of pricing is disordered at present and thus hinder the development of Housing Social Security System. The paper is in order to find an Interest-balancing system under the overall objective of satisfying the government, the constructors and the tenements at the same time to solve this problem. On the basis of considering the time value ofmoney, the basic method ofMulti-Objective Planning was used to build the objective function and the constraints. Using the expert grading method, the weight of the objective function was obtained. ThenUtilityOptimizationModel was used to solve the objective function. Combinedwith the objectives and themodel of pricing, the Rental Pricing Mode of the public rental housing based on tripartite satisfaction was built. Then the models was tested and verified to see if it is feasible by using the data of “MinXin JiaYuan” whichwill help to institute a thorough mechanismof public rental housing in the period of late-stagemanagement.

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