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Research on mechanism of impacts of network addiction of adolescents on the physical health in network information age

Author(s): Lili Wang, Xiaoji Zheng, Hongying Yu

This research will discuss the harms caused by network addiction to the adolescents and will enrich the researches of adolescent’s addiction to network to a certain degree as well as offers scientific methods and theoretical basis for solving the problem about adolescent’s addiction to network scientifically. The important part of netizens is the youth. The network, on the one hand, can promote growth of the youth, but it indoctrinizes them with unhealthy thoughts as well, so the network addiction problem has attracted high attentions from all sectors of society. The network addiction is a phenomenal behavior for an individual. It is necessary to start with the psychology which evokes the appearance of network addiction in order to remove the network addiction completely. All sectors of society have attached wide attentions to the network addiction of youth. The adolescents should adapt to the new situation in the information network age more reasonably and use the network accurately to build healthy thinking toward the Internet surfing so as to effectively avoid network addiction. The youth among netizens is the most vulnerable to network addiction, as the adolescents are still in the period with weak moral consciousness and values that are easily impacted and they are easily subject to the adverse influence from the harmful information, thus addicting to the network.

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