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Research on causes and solutions of chattering in strip cold rolling mills

Author(s): Liu Hai-sheng, Zhang Jie

The chattering of strip cold rolling mill has various forms, and its causes and characteristics are not the same. The current studies of chattering in cold rolling mills are mainly on the torsional chattering and vertical chattering. Study on chattering in rolling mill involves rich theories including many in the fields of rolling theory, friction and lubrication theory, control theory, chattering theory, signal processing theory. And the influenced factors of chattering in rolling mill should be considered from the aspects of the mechanical, electrical, friction and lubrication, the mill itself, and production process The present study analyzes the present researches on the chattering in rolling mill, and on this basis, analyzes the causes and solutions of the torsional chattering in main drive system of rolling mill and the chattering in vertical system of rolling mill. But because chattering in rolling mills caused by multiple factors, when the mill begin to operate, it may have disturbance in many aspects, and these disturbances often influence each other. It is sometimes difficult to find out an effective solution to control. And the online monitoring system of chattering in developing engine can real-time monitor the running of the mill. Once there appears chattering, it will make a real-time alarm, so as to resolve the problems timely. Besides, it can make statistics of the parameters of chattering rolling mill which has the vital significance in the research, forecast, prevention and control of the chattering in rolling mill. What’s more, the introduction of computing with high performance and real-time simulation system will have good effect on the control and monitoring of the chattering in rolling mills.

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