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Research on adopting application in agricultural products supply Chain based on internet of things

Author(s): Jian Zhao, GangyiWang

With the further deepening of the development economy, China's agriculture will face a huge crisis. Under the impact of global competition, our country agriculture showed a low level of industrialization, the low level of management, the value chain of low level and low degree of information technology. Organizational decentralization and shortcomings are lack of food quality and safety. China's agriculture is to survive in such a fierce competition environment, must to actively use advanced technology, management method and system to the effective integration of agricultural products supply chain. In this paper, through the supply chain of agricultural products in the internet of things technology, the overall framework for establishing network analysis technology application of business process of the supply chain of agricultural products in the application mode, to sort out the various links of production. In the supply chain of agricultural products processing, storage, transportation and sales; through the proposed strategy layer, the implementation of three layer and support layer network hierarchical structure of agricultural products supply chain management system, the management system of existing network system and agricultural products in the supply chain (ERP, MIS, CRM) to the organic integration, and the supply chain strategy and daily operation planning and supply chain management system together, so that the whole agricultural product supply chain has become a highly efficient, reasonable overall.

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