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Research of building enterprise network security system based on cloud computing technology

Author(s): Linjun Kong

Network security is a problem needing us to pay more attention in this information age. No matter by enterprise or by individual person, cloud computing technology is widely applied to remain network security. This paper introduces a security management model based on cloud computing technology, which can deal with mass security events according to the large data provided by cloud computing. This model not only has overcome the deficiency of low efficiency but also has gained great improvement in data processing, so it has gained guarantee in security and reliability. Through dividing the network areas safely based on clouding technology, this paper has successfully built a series of real-time warning assets risk models, which can help managers manage the network security, and analyze abnormal events and risks. This security system is constituted of several subsystems responsible for early warning management and emergency response. Cloud security management system is divided into five hierarchies from high to low: user interface, cloud service layer, data processing center, the data collection layer and network security equipment layer. Through the united management by cloud computing platform, the model also can process some security events, efficiently lowering the possibility of existing network risks. The security management system based on cloud computing technology successfully improve the existing management system, expand its functions and promote the enterprise computer management

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