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Research of AODV routing algorithm in linear topological wireless sensor network based on power equilibrium

Author(s): Xiaoyong Yu

With the rapid development of science and technology, ‘pervasive computing’ model has emerged accordingly. Linear-topological wireless sensor network (WSN) that based on power equilibrium appears in a new kind of data acquisition technology. In a deep sense, it not only meets the social development needs, but also has broad prospects for development and application. This study mainly focuses on the reliability and security of data transmission, framework design and realization of network and so on, which is also the key of this research. Given that AODV routing technology is one of the core technologies of wireless sensor network technology, it’s an urgent task to carry on the research of AODV routing algorithm in wireless sensor network (WSN). This study of AODV routing algorithm in WSN is a relatively new field, which starts from the analysis its present situation, then uses the LETF standardized AODV routing algorithm as the basic condition to put forward AODV routing algorithm in linear-topological WSN based on power equilibrium, as well as AODV routing algorithm in mesh-based topological WSN based on judging threshold. While this paper mainly puts emphasis on the former, studying the advantages of wireless sensor network AODV routing algorithm over others. Besides, the study is making efforts to prolong the survival of wireless sensor network, to improve the expansibility and robustness of WSN and to lay solid foundation for the birth of better routing algorithm. Meanwhile, I hope this paper can provide some valuable theoretical references for researchers.

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