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Research and application of digital transmission of unbonded elastic wire resistance type sensor

Author(s): Guilin Zheng, Zhenjie Wang

By analyzing different resistance values, this collector of this article collects signal of the Unbonded Elastic Wire Resistance Type Sensor (UEWRTS in brief) acquisition embedded in the dams, reservoirs and other hydraulic buildings, and monitors the facilities in real time view. The position of embedded sensors can be distinguished by setting the address and code. The analog signal is one-on-one converted to digital signals through high-precision analog-to-digital conversion and amplification chips by digitized transducers. The digital signals are transported to the central server, and the deformation of the structure is estimated by original data in the server. Meanwhile, it extended the transformer’s effective measuring distance from normal analog 200 meters up to digitalized 1200 meters. In situation of multi UEWRTS installed field, all the output of the transformers can be connected in parallel to eliminate the cables to only one RS485-Bus as a twisted-pair cable and a power line. Applications of the transducer in several reservoir dams’ security monitoring system proof that is of high accuracy, reliable, strong anti-interference solution for all the UEWRTS applications of the relative monitoring and measurement projects. The collector has been applied in dam monitoring, and achieved good results

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