Relevant study on general uniqueness of solutions to several nonlinear problems

Author(s): Changan Lu

Study process of general uniqueness of solutions to nonlinearproblems is sophisticated. This process involves a wide scope of mathematics. The research process is conducted with reference to some supporting documents and papers. Some theorems and reasoning process are deducted. This does not only furnish good theoretical basis for this research, but also provide comprehensiveness for general uniqueness of solutions to nonlinearproblems. For the research idea, this paper contains some introduction to theorem of general uniqueness, and then clearly defines its application sphere. Based on theorem’s features, its reasoning process is clearly demonstrated to make its application more successful. This also enlarges its application scope; then we try to research and analyze several nonlinearproblems based on corresponding theorems and their applications, which makes research more detailed and clear; at last, we discuss the unique fixed point of most non-expansive mappings, and this is a supplement to other classification that involved in general uniqueness of solutions to nonlinearproblems. All these make this research scientific and integral.

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