Quality study on foreign language teachers in colleges in network era

Author(s): Li Cao

The rapid development of network information era calls for higher requirements for professional quality in foreign language teachers in colleges. From the perspective of the advancement of classrooms, the definition of teachers' quality also has been changed in a fresh manner. In this definition, a brand-new interpretation of several respects in teachers' professional quality, information quality, moral sentiment and ability quality have all been given, for which a further Study process of foreign language teachers' quality in colleges is also particularly critical. Networked development of foreign language teaching in colleges has become the inevitable trend, thus the cultivation process of foreign language teachers' quality should be treated as a breakthrough point as a response to this, and therefore the means and approaches applied in teaching process can be actively expanded, so as to correspondingly enhance effective cultivation of quality in other aspects. This process is also the main point in studying the book of public opinion, whose course of discussion has been conducted in details based on the two aspects of teachers' professional quality and information quality, and at the same time there are related elaborations as to teachers' professional ethics in themselves, which makes the required qualities in colleges foreign language teachers in network era more unequivocal. In the study and exploration process, this paper carries through corresponding exposition in accordance with the main study line, in which effective methods and means of elevating the quality of the teachers have been fully expounded, with the anticipation of being able to lay correspondingly theoretical foundation for effective continued study in the near future.

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