Preparation and its properties of biodiesel by CaO/NaY supported catalys

Author(s): Wang Xiaoguang, YangYueyun

Under the microwave irradiation, CaO could be dispersed on the NaY zeolite to form strong basic sites on the host.After activatiol, some CaO/ NaY composites were found to exhibit an extraordinaryly high base strength. Therefore they were expected to be novel superbasic catalytic materials. The transesterification of rapeseed oil was carried out by using treated CaO/NaY as catalyst, the conversion rate and yield of biodiesel were studied. The result shows that under the small test optimized reaction conditions, i.e. crude rapeseed oil 100g, ethanol-oil mole ratio 6:1, mass fraction of catalyst 2%, reaction time 2h, and reaction temperature 55!, the conversion rate and yield of biodiesel reach more than 97%. The amplification experiments result shows that crude rapeseed oil input was 13.37 kg in 20-L reactor, and based on the small test conditions, the conversion rate of rawoil, yield of biodiesel and glycerol reachmore than 95%. The fluidity of the biodiesel fuel at lowtemperature wasmuch better than that of No.0 diesel fuel and the flash point was as high as170!. The biodiesel fuel could be blended with No.0 diesel fuel at any ratio.

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