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Polymeric Composite Materials Based on Silicate: I-Synthesis, Characterization and Formation Mechanism

Author(s): Abou Mesalam MM, Abass MR*, Ibrahim AB, Zakaria ES and Hassan AM

Magneso-silicate has been synthesized by precipitation technique. Polyacrylamide acrylic acid and polyacrylamide acrylonitrile impregnated with inorganic ion exchanger, magneso-silicate, have been synthesized by subjected co-monomers to gamma radiation initiated polymerization at radiation doses 25, 65 and 90 KGy. The structure features of composites were investigated by sequential x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, x-ray diffraction, differential thermal- thermogravimetric analyses and infrared spectroscopy. Formation mechanism for these composites was conducted and the results obtained showed that the polymerization process was carried out in the hydrocarbon chain by addition polymerization whereas impregnation of magneso-silicate into the polymeric composites was carried out by condensation polymerization.

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