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Policy research and influence o f network language on modern Chinese

Author(s): Jie He

With the popularity of the Internet, language mode of network language is growing rapidly, which not only affects our lives, but affects the use of modern Chinese teaching and traditional Chinese. Internet language increases diversity and vitality of modern Chinese, and make language more convenient, imaging, which have a positive influence on modern Chinese; however, due to the standard ability and informality of the network language, modern Chinese are negatively affected such as the emergence of non-standard grammatical phenomenon and wrongly written or mispronounced characters. The definition and characteristics of the network language were described in this study, with a concise description of the Internet language, diversity, vitality, changeability, irregularity, uncertainty, and other characteristics; For the degree of concern and usage of network language, A survey conducted among five different ages, respectively, the survey showed that the use of network language for adolescents and youth account for a large proportion, and youth and middle-aged people paid more attention to the development direction of network language. Finally, the positive and negative impacts of network Chinese on the modern language were analyzed, and showed that the network language had positive impact on rich the form of modern Chinese language and increased the diversity of modern Chinese, at the same time, it illustrated negative effects of the network of nonnormative language and randomness brought to modern Chinese, and cited appropriate countermeasures to deal with the negative impact.

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