Numerical analysis-based Chinese community Wushu fitness development research

Author(s): Zhiping Wang

With Wushu becoming a kind of special sports form, China has increased attention and input on Wushu fitness, which lets Chinese Wushu fitness to get further development. The paper analyzes contemporary Chinese Wushu fitness concrete status by numeric values and graphics analysis method, it finds that due to Chinese Wushu fitness starts late, nation input on Wushu fitness is not enough, lack of faculty, which leads to many residents in China still don’t know benefits of Wushu fitness, they haven’t recognized importance of Wushu fitness, which is shortcoming of Chinese Wushu fitness. Secondly, on the basis of correlation analysis, it analyzes Wushu fitness and residents’ physical and psychological health, cultural life, self-defense and other aspects relations, and then gets that Wushu fitness is closely bound to residents’ physical and psychological health, cultural life, and self-defense, but Wushu fitness upmost functions are not only strengthening exercisers’ physical quality, enriching cultural life, but also meanwhile have certain effects on Chinese excellent Wushu cultural inheritance, it provides supports for contemporary cultural integration, and also provides orientations for future Chinese Wushu fitness.

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